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Got a classic car? Get your UK classic car insurance quote online!

For many, owning and driving a classic car is a life long dream realised. Classic cars may be used to participate in rallies in this country or abroad, track days and other special events, which can, in the worst case, turn dreams into nightmares.

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It is important for owners to have the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that their car insurance policy provides cover for all such activities and that if the worst should happen the high cost of repair and possible recovery will be fully met.

As a result of past experience certain Insurance companies have come to realise that there is a special market for classic car insurance, and have prepared cover accordingly.

There are three terms used to describe the cars of yesteryear, a classic car insurance policy can embrace all three categories.

Veteran Cars – manufactured before 1903.

Vintage Cars – manufactured between 1903 and 1933.

Classics Cars – tend to be at least fifteen years old.

The confusion that surrounds the definition of a classic car can make classification difficult when it comes to organizing the right insurance policy. This is because a ‘classic car’s’ meaning can vary depending on the insurer. Usually, the larger insurance companies will not provide ‘classic car’ schemes, but will provide the same level of insurance as those who drive a typical car seen on the street every day.

Classic car insurance companies will assess your car according to its value, in the first instance, along with its age and the number of miles you expect to drive during that year.

Most classic car owners have some other form of transport for everyday use, and can restrict the mileage of their pride and joy, even to as low as 1,500 miles per year. Many classic cars will be garaged especially during those long winter months. Classic car insurers will take all of these factors into account.

Consider obtaining a quote from insurance companies or brokers who actually specialise in finding low cost classic car insurance quotes to get the best deals with experienced service.