Women Drivers cost UK Insurance Companies Less!

Considering the last few years it’s little wonder there are now motor car insurance companies dedicated to providing car insurance for women drivers, for the simple reason statistically car accidents involving women drivers cost less to insurance companies.

Why? Some women drivers tend to travel shorter journeys, for example picking up the children from school or doing the shopping. This would imply only minor car accidents will occur in most cases as car mileages are lower and car speeds are relatively slow.

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Women drivers attitudes also appear to be less aggressive than men especially when the statistics show men are convicted for 92% of driving offences and 98% of all convictions for dangerous driving. A recent survey by a top motoring organisation also confirmed more men admitted to driving aggressively than women.

Changing lifestyles, however, would appear to suggest more and more women drivers are travelling longer distances, often for work and therefore it is inevitable that insurance companies who provide car insurance for women drivers will perceive this as a greater risk.

In terms of finding competitive car insurance quotes for women drivers most companies will still offer discounted rates to women drivers including the panel of insurers who specialise in womens car insurance. However, consider obtaining a quote from insurance companies or brokers who actually specialise in finding low cost car insurance for women drivers.

Statistically speaking women drivers are safer on the roads, so don’t pay more than you have to for your car insurance.

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