Some Car Manufacturers May Provide Student Car Insurance Free

Could you be one of the 22% of students who own a car? Can you even call it a car?

Well if it has 3 or 4 wheels and you don’t own all the roads between you, college and your home, you’ll have to have valid car insurance. Despite tyres, repairs, MoT, petrol, cleaning costs, road tax and possibly breakdown cover (if you need it), a large part of your student allowance also goes on your car insurance! Get your low cost student drivers car insurance quote now.

car insurance quote

This is vitally important, as it not only covers you if you hit someone or something, but also if you have to have any time off of your studies as a result of an accident or require urgent hospital treatment.

Looking for a UK car insurance company who give realistic quotes on car insurance for students?

The good news is there are insurance companies and brokers out there who specialise in finding low cost car insurance for students. Sometimes you can obtain lower car insurance quotes if you are driving a smaller older car that cost a relatively small amount of cash, as third party cover may be available.

For those very lucky students who can afford to buy new or nearly new cars consider new car manufacturers such as Citroen, Rover, Ford or Peugeot. These car companies may offer free car insurance for students on certain new makes and models from time to time. There will be conditions attached so always check the details thoroughly.

Whatever your circumstances always shop around and consider obtaining quotes for your student car insurance from those companies or brokers who specialise in selling car insurance to students.

specialist car insurance for students from companies such as Endsleigh, Elephant, Its4Me, and 4 Young Drivers.