Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between ‘Comprehensive’, ‘TPFT’ and ‘TPO’ cover?

Third Party Only (TPO) Covers you for claims made by other people for bodily injury or damage to their cars and other property.

Third Party Fire & Theft (TPFT) As above, plus your car is covered if stolen or damaged by fire.

Comprehensive This gives you both of the above and also covers accidental damage to your car and usually carries a policy excess for the first £100+ of accidental damage to your own vehicle. (Varies with type of car and age of driver)

What is a policy excess?

The policy excess is an amount imposed by the insurance company that you are required to contribute in the event of a claim. This usually applies to the damage to your own vehicle for comprehensive policies only. The policy excess is frequently increased for younger drivers for accidental damage claims (refer to the insurer’s policy wordings). Any voluntary excess that you choose will be added to the policy excess and young drivers excess in the event of accidental damage claims. Please note if the claim is deemed not to be your fault, it may be possible to recover your excess from the party deemed to be at fault.

What is a voluntary excess?

A voluntary excess is the amount that you choose to bear in addition to the policy excess that has to be paid in the event of a claim for damage to your own vehicle. Young drivers may have to bear a higher policy excess. Please check individual insurer’s wording. You can select the amount of voluntary excess you are prepared to bear. If you decide to bear an additional (voluntary) excess it may mean that your premium will be reduced. . Please note if the claim is deemed not to be your fault, it may be possible to recover your excess from the party deemed to be at fault.

When does my cover start?

Your insurance starts from the time that you purchase a policy. You cannot backdate the policy inception date. With most of our online providers you can obtain immediate cover provided you make payment by credit card or direct debit. (Please see providers website)

What is the difference between the ‘owner’ and ‘registered keeper’?

The owner and registered keeper may be different individuals. For example, you may use a car that is owned by someone else in which case you would be the registered keeper. Or you may own a vehicle that is used solely by one of your children and therefore the registered keeper would be one of your children.

What is a No Claims Bonus?

A No Claims Bonus (or NCB) is the discount that you have earned on a previous insurance policy and accumulates over the number of claim free years you have held the policy and usually the maximum NCB is achieved after 5 years. (Check providers website for exact criteria) The No Claims Bonus must be earned separately on each policy or on each car.

What is a protected No Claims Bonus?

Most of our providers have an option where clients can protect their no claims discount for up two at fault claims in any 5-year period. (please check providers website) This means that if your car is stolen, or you have no other party to claim against, you wont have to lose your no claims discount as well. Clients must have at least 4 years no claims discount and be over 25 years old in order to be eligible.(Check Providers website for age restrictions.

What is Uninsured Loss Recovery?

Uninsured Loss Recovery or ULR is an additional insurance protection that you could consider purchasing. Where a motor accident was the fault of a third party, our insurers will attempt to recover your uninsured losses including repair costs, (For TPFT or TPO policies) policy excess,(Comprehensive Policies) loss of use, hire costs of alternative vehicle, transport costs, etc.

What is Insurance Premium Tax?

Insurance Premium Tax or IPT is the tax imposed by the Government on all General Insurance policies sold in the UK (other than some specialist areas). This tax is currently 5% on Motor and all other personal lines apart from Travel and Domestic Appliance Extended Warranty, which are both at 17.5%.

How can I contact you?

If you need to get in touch with us you can do so through our contact us page.

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